Most people will be aware that August 2014 marks the 100th anniversary of
the outbreak of the First World War.  Commemorations will be held
nationally, but we feel that it is important that here in King’s Somborne we
remember those men of the village who left their homes and families to fight in
that war.

Earlier this year the SomSoc asked through our Village magazine – “the Gauntlet”,
for details of the men who died in the fighting.  This has turned up some
interesting facts, but we would like more!

We would like to find out more about all the village men who served.  Did
you have a relative; grandfather, uncle, great-uncle, who took part.
If so, we would love to hear from you.  Perhaps you might be able to tell
us something about your relative:  was he born in the village, did he
attend the village school, was he a member of the choir, the Scouts, the
football or cricket teams, or the working Men’s Club? Do you happen to know in
which regiment your relative enrolled? Perhaps you possess a
photograph?  We are aware that quite a number of men were injured and
survived. Any information you can provide us would be very helpful..

This research will take a considerable time to complete, so the Somborne
& District Society would be delighted if you would contact them as soon as
possible.  Norman Denison can be contacted on 01794.388889  ( or Mary Pollock on 01794.388422.


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