Who else in the Parish saw active service?

As part of our commemeration of the First World War, we would like to record the names of every man in the parish who saw active service. At present we have many names on our list but I am aware that there must be many more whose names we do not know.

If you have a father, grandfather, uncle or any other relation who fought in that war and who lived In King’s Somborne, Little Somborne, Up Somborne, Ashley, Brook or Eldon, i would love to hear from you.

Mary Pollock ( 388 422)

Thank you Copythorne Parish History Society

Somborne & District Society members would like to thank the Copythorne Parish History Society organisers of their extremely interesting annual History Day exhibition and congratulate them on their newly published Book of Remembreance.

In view of our planned exhibition commemorating the start of WW1 to be held in the Parish Church during next August we were interested to see what they had done and how it had been presented. Our offering will be more focussed on the Great War, life in the village at the time, and details of those local servicemen who gave their lives.

We are grateful too to Sue Hamilton who has kindly been able to send us a photo and other illustrations relating to Frank Hatcher.

Further help with photos or memorabilia relating to the names previously listed would be very welcome! Please too give us some responses via “social media – Facebook etc”

More servicemen with connections to The Sombornes

In the course of our research we have found many other servicemen with connections to the Sombornes who were killed in WW1 and others are still being recognised. Among the names established so far are:-.

James Allan, George Kelsey, AD Swayne, William Winter, HA and HC Woodruff.  We would love to have better knowledge of these or any others that may be suggested.

Many thanks to Melissa Lackersteen and Graham Jarvis for further information about William Weston; Val Dawe for more on Percy Leggatt and George Pottle; Jill Baker for information about Henry Baker; David Bevan for some on Fred Davis and others; Reg Reeves for much about Geoffrey Reeves. These servicemen are remembered on either parish war memorials or rolls of honour.